Welcome to my ascendant shop.

Enjoy my creative spirits and impressions about wind, sun, sand and sea. I'm fond of materials I use for my works - enamel, copper, stones and amber.

My main love today is hot enamel paintings - starting from small pieces of jewelry like earrings, through small enamel pictures, up to large wall decors, all made in enamel like used famous Faberge for making his famous eggs - hot enameling, where minerals are burned in temperatures up to 1000 degrees high. There are not so much artists working with these techniques today, and I am proud to be one of them. Of course, all drawings, designs and artwork behind my items is of my own. I use copper as a base for all the enameled artwork - this material is famous for its curative effect on blood circulation, normalizing blood pressure and removing headache, and for its magic, mysterious influence on people.

I'm feeling happy when I create art and I hope that my art will make you happy as well.

/Dina Dubina/


Graduate of Riga Secondary School of Art and Design, and Art Academy of Estonia (master grade). Participates in exhibitions since 1975. Has taken part in about 200 exhibitions and 36 personal shows in Latvia, Russia, Germany and Austria. Has also worked with organizations and arrangement of exhibitions. Awarded Diploma of Honour in International exhibitions of bijouterie ''Jablonec 77'' and ''Jablonec 83''. Member of Latvian Artists Union and IAA (International Artists Association). Artworks can be found in museums of Latvia, Russia, Germany and Austria. Currently works using hot enamel technique.


Should you have any queries, please, do not hesitate to contact me at ddubinamaksla@inbox.lv